A 7 Step Guide to Your Affiliate Article Marketing Success

When I first began to become fascinated by affiliate article marketing, I conducted some research online and had a difficult time finding a complete step-by-step guide that explained the complete marketing of articles. Therefore, I thought there might be other people new to affiliate article marketing and are looking for the same information as well. Therefore, here’s an easy 7-step guide for success in affiliate marketing.

1. Select a niche product that you can market

There are an endless number of goods to pick from. One of the best strategies in internet marketing is to find the right particular niche market(s) and offer products or services targeted at this market(s). To be able to promote your product, sign up for an affiliate program for that product. Conduct a search on the internet of affiliate-related programs, or top affiliate programs and go from there. When choosing a product, it is important to select something you have an interest in and would be interested in writing about.

2. Purchase a Website Domain

It’s not a need, but highly suggested. Some article directories do not permit you to include the affiliate link in your article. Therefore, you must include links to the domain you bought within the signature or resource box of your article. You will also need to redirect any potential clients to the vendor’s website via the affiliate link.

3. Join Article Directories by signing up

There are a lot of directories available to pick from. Signing up with numerous directories could be time-consuming and in some instances it’s a waste of time because there are directories that have very little traffic. I would suggest signing up with the top 5-10 high traffic directories. This will guarantee that your articles get massive exposure.

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4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to your affiliate article’s marketing success and allows you to determine the best words to incorporate into the writing of your articles. Fortunately, researching your keywords isn’t an easy task. You should begin by brainstorming ideas for the various words that a potential purchaser might enter through a web search when looking for the product you are selling. After that, you can type the different keywords into a tool to research keywords such as WordTracker, Keyword Elite or Niche Finder. The programs will generate keywords based on the keywords you type into the search box and tell you what number of searches are made for the keywords on a an annual basis. This data will assist you decide which keywords are worthy of using.

5. Write and Submit Your Article(s)

Before writing your article you should review the guidelines for authors of the different directories that you’re planning to use to make sure you are informed of “do’s'” and “don’ts” of creating and submitting your article. This will help you ensure that your article is not rejected. You must ensure that the article is your own work and relate to the keywords you selected. If you are planning to use multiple directories, make sure that each directory contains original articles that are relevant to the topic you’ve selected – not just one article repeated many times by an automated program. Also, your piece must be clear, simple to read and interesting so that the reader doesn’t lose interest.

6. Keep track of the success of your Article(s)

Important to your affiliate marketing success is knowing whether or not your article is driving traffic for you. To accurately track the success of your content you can buy an article tracking tool which will inform you of which articles and directories are sending visitors to your site. You can also search for the keywords you are targeting to see how your article is performing. If your article isn’t showing up on the top 10 search page results, you should revisit the techniques you used to write your article and figure out solutions to increase their quality to make them more attractive to search engines.

7. Repeat Steps 4 -7

Repeat these steps, each time enhancing and improving on each one. Profit from the lessons you have learned in the past by applying them to your next writing.

Although the quality of your article is essential to your affiliate successful marketing, article marketing game is a numbers game as well. The more high-quality articles you publish, the better the chance of success. So commit yourself to writing every week a few articles and submit them to your directory of preference. With time you will definitely achieve the results you’ve been hoping for.

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