Why Companies Struggle With Customer Service

Why is customer service so bad in most businesses? There are many causes for this. Just look at the many books that have been written about this topic. I’d like to focus on two reasons I have encountered in different businesses.

Reason 1: Who has the say?

Who runs your call center? What I mean by that is that it is your financial personnel or your marketing personnel, your sales people? Who has the biggest say, who is the squeaky wheel that is always there to appease. The attitude of the employees in charge of your center has a lot to do to the cultural and the persona of the vclub.tel place. A great center will be a good compromise for each of these elements, however when one assumes a role that is more important as what happens in many companies, you could have a disconnect and the customers bear the most of the burden. If…
Financial significance is your primary goal:

When this happens you feel the pressure of being efficient to the point of becoming inefficient. A high level of service does not mean as much as slow AHT, Wait Times, and Wrap time. The pressure is on you to take care of more calls within a shorter period of time. If this happens, you’ll face two problems, one is that you’re already likely to get irritated clients before they ever get to an agent due to long wait times for calls while reps also feel the pressure of completing calls faster, the speed of service drops. The effect is a snowball as well because the bigger your queue, the more stress each of your supervisors put on the reps to take on any subsequent call. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!! It’s funny as well when you consider the SL and Wait time for those who are calling to buy products from the company… They’re understaffed and customer service is not adequately staffed. This is true in most companies.

Businesses do not yet realize THAT SELLING TO AN EXISTING CUSTOMER who is content with the service they provide is simpler and CHEAPER than acquiring new CUSTOMERS… marketing 101!! !

Sales and Marketing is your primary initiative:

A large number of contact centers, and rightly so, are trying to become more than solely a customer support center but a business. There’s no problem with selling cross-selling on your customer service calls so long as we all understand it’s an added benefit. A few of the errors I’ve observed are when) your cross-sell efforts do not correspond to the nature of your call (I have seen crazy things that tried to be sold just for a quick money) or B) and the most important thing is that your selling effort becomes the main reason for the call. When this happens the chances are that you’re not receiving a sales call, but you could lose a customer. It is essential that you handle the customer’s issues first; build a trusting relationship, and then cross-sell on a product that can meet the requirements of the client.

Do you keep track of how many sales your reps make during the day? That’s probably posted in the room, right? Your top salespeople earn all the rewards right… I’m hoping you’ve got your quality scores and reps satisfaction ratings posted too… the majority don’t.

Second reason: Training.

Another reason why I think customer service is so bad in general is that it is not trained properly. In an earlier blog I wrote about how to break down your calls and teaching each aspect with how you would like to handle it. I will not repeat here in its entirety. Companies can’t think of calls as one big sum to deal with. There are many small moving parts that need to be handled in their own manner. For example, as was discussed in the blog before, you need to train the way reps handle certain portions of calls when you know there’s going to be long waiting time. Teach them how to handle this, give them talk off subjects. The companies are great at teaching their employees on screen and product knowledge. However, they’re not as good in integrating DELIGHT training into calls.

Reason 3: No fluid processes

Small and large businesses can be affected by this problem, but you will typically see it in larger companies. When several departments are able to decide how customer service to their particular needs is handled , it can result in unclear and inconsistent service. Diverse 1800 number, transfer call or multiple call resolution. It’s very irritating! If you’re told by a company rep that they do not take care of the issue in their department, your frustration will increase and you may have lost that client. The lack of coordination between departments that handle sales and service is the main reason behind the lack of service in the marketplace.

Fourth reason: Insufficient information

Many businesses don’t have proper CRM software to help with their service. Requesting repeatedly for your SSN (process issue as well) as well as having to repeat your story a few times as it’s not part of any software the company has. This is a huge expense , and one of the reasons I would suggest outsourcing if you’re just starting your client service team. You must study up (or ask me to assist… cheap plug!) But if you are able to find the right group with the proper tools, it can be a great help for you to manage your clients properly.

5. Lack of taking care

This is in line with reason number one. You must invest the same amount of effort into maintaining the clients you already have just as you are in the process of acquiring new ones. It can affect things like sales, customer appreciation as well as customer loyalty and importantly the reputation of your organization.

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