Synchronicity And “How It Is”

Make yourself a part of the harmony and you’ll eventually reap the benefits. Don’t panic and reap the effects of the whirlwind. In times of crisis you may feel like you need to perform some thing “stupid”. The best advice I can give you is not to be tempted to do that. If you carry in mind the time you’ve wasted and with a clear mind, the majority of the time the mind will present you a solution to any problem by alertly seized opportunities that come “dressed in work clothes”. Another reason is that patience and understanding are the way I live my life without questions, and I maintain an ongoing diet of discipline thinking, control and concentration which makes me conscious regardless of the fact that “I do not want to be”.

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Also before “the last foul is cried” and failure becomes irreparable like suicide or destructive behavior that leads to nowhere, consider giving it another chance like Bell, Edison and Tesla did. In the end, perseverance will lead to your success when you are determined to genuinely give up anyway. I am sure I seem “like a broken record” on this very matter of reality. I’ll mention Alexander Graham Bell, because He turned a knob on the receiver of a telephone and had success for the rest of his eternity. It’s the same at times. Simple persistence is far superior to an “Rube Goldberg cartoon complex” approach of panic and ridiculously difficult work. In reality, I can affirm that the reality of things comes down to a simple “turn of the screw approach” and not acting out of fear that “misses the whole simple point of success” ultimately. In fact, I recommend the method that is simple and straightforward as Nicola Tesla when it comes to thinking experiments prior to writing down a single thing of the real world. That approach captures the simplicity and effectiveness of success through a calm, forward-looking and thought-out plan before successful outcome instead of discovering every single thing that doesn’t work when you’re doing it, and using up resources with no plan in place at the beginning of taking action.

The person who genuinely gets ahead is not just someone with an action plan, but they have a full understanding of both the inside and outside world of what they are doing and the actual science of it. The way I see it is that the success of a person is an inner and outward deal, and so is failing, and it’s so simple and real as “choose your side” on the issue. Pick your sides is the final confirmation of the reality that is in reality when really contemplated, understood and real-timely formulated. For, we are our own success or failures, winners or losers, outstanding or average.

I end this article with the poem “Don’t Quit” to set the right tone for how I want to conclude this piece:

“When things go badly, as they usually do,When the road you’re trudging appears to be all upwards,

When the funds are low and debts are high

And you’d like to smile But you are forced to sigh.

If you feel that someone is pushing you to slow down,

Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

Like everyone else is taught,

Many a mishap comes about,

When he might have won if he’d stuck it out,

Don’t give up even when the pace seems slow,

You could be successful with a second strike.

The struggler may have abandoned the fight,

He could have won the victor’s cup.

Then, too late that night, as the sun slipped into darkness.

How close he was to that golden crown.

Success is the result of failure being turned upside down,

The silver-colored tint of doubt clouds,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It could be near even when it appears to be far away.

Make sure to fight when you’re hardest hit,

When things look the worst that you should not quit.”

That’s how it works that reality can work either way Pick a side it’s all our fault or our fault. Thank you for your time reading.

I am Joshua Clayton, I am an author who freelances from Inglewood, California. I have also written under a variety of pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name and I write under that name for the most part now. I am a philosopher and a rational thinker as well as an honest action taker. I also work at an elderly center situated in Gardena, California as my day job, and I do other things. However, most importantly I write.

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