To Avoid Procrastinating, You Must START!

Even though, procrastination could be among the most significant, concerning habits that many people often fall – back – on, one of the biggest obstacles, to overcoming this tendency, is to be ready, willing, prepared, and able, to START! We often, say, procrastination is putting off until the future, the things that they ought to have donenow, in most cases it continues to happen for a long time, and, in – fact this means that you must address perceived challenges as quickly as it is feasible, in a proactive manner, instead of continually delaying, and procrastinating! After over forty years of conducting hundreds of personal growth and self – help/ self – growth, programs including seminars, consultations, and workshops I’m convinced the most significant obstacles come from people are focused on what could go wrong and in a negative way and are satisfied with remaining, within the self – imposed, restrictions within their comfortable zone proceeding, with only, the same – old way of doing things. ways! With, that in mind this article will try to briefly reflect an examination, review, and analysis using the mnemonic technique that this signifies, and why it is so important, if you hope, to become the best, you can be!

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1. Strengths/stronger; look at options, solutions Strategy; sustainableBegin with a an extensive, thorough, and comprehensive check starting from the neck upwards and be sure to fully comprehend your strengths and weaknesses. Use every area of strength, to become stronger, and better, while working on every weak spot, in a proactive manner! You must think about a variety of options as well as alternatives, then move forward by implementing a plan to create viable solutions, that are practical and long-lasting!

2, Truth/ trust; tendencies:Just, as, you shouldn’t, and would not, trust others. if they didn’t tell the truth, do not demand – less, from you! Discover your personal tendencies and decide if they are in your best interest both in the immediate, as well as longer – run, and then act in the right direction!

3. Attention; attitude behaviors: You might think you can, or don’t. Either way, you’ll be correct! Only if, you proceed, in a consistent, balanced positive, do-what-you-can – do, attitude, however, you don’t wear rose – colored glasses, will you be able to focus on the best way to personally take action, moving forward, and at the present time! Don’t put off taking action, based on your fears, since, a necessary action delayed, frequently, causes things much worse!

4. Relevant; realistic; reasoning; responsive:Attempt try to create your thinking and logic as responsive to your best interests, as possible! Do it in a timely and realistic manner with a sense of urgency!

5. Temporary; time test; trends:Determine the issue and make it something to work through, instead of a problem! Take action in a well thought-out, timely manner and aligning it with taking advantage of time – proven, expert knowledge and experience as well as a willingness to assess current trends and applying them to help your cause!

Avoid procrastination, by being ready, willing and able to, START,instead of staying within your own home comfort zone! It’s up to you!

Richard has run businesses and served as COO CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally managed events, provided advice to thousands of people, and led personal development seminarsover over four decades. Rich has published three books and thousands of articles.

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