Top 10 Blog Terms Explained

The majority of people are unsure of the meaning behind “blog” means, much more than the numerous other terms commonly used in discussions of blogging. To ease any confusion or misunderstood this list of terms used in blogging was created.

Blog Term #1: Blog

Many people aren’t aware of what blogs are and that’s why it’s on top of the list of things to do. The word “blog” is short for web log. Blogs are basically personal journals that are kept online by people but they are not the usual way they are where people share their ideas and thoughts. Blogs can be used as a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and provide advice to those who visit their blogs.

Some bloggers have been able to master blogging to earn money from it as a profession.

Blog Second Term Pinging

Pinging is an effective tool for bloggers to help get their blog noticed. There are a myriad of websites offering this service for free. The reason pinging works is that it informs the various well-known search engines there is an update on your blog. This assists in moving your blog to the top of search engine popularity, so it is more likely of being seen.

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Blog Term #3: Linking

Many popular blogs include links in their articles that permit users to be directed to other websites to get more information about an issue or as a method of referring to the subject in order to ensure that the blog’s content is true. A lot of blogs are deliberately packed with misleading details. However, linking can help legitimate bloggers differentiate them from the fakes.

Blog Term #4: Posts

This is the addition of a brand new post to your blog. When you add a new entry to your blog, it’s known as”a post.

Blog Term #5: Template

Each blog is issued with a standard template for writing. Don’t believe that your subject and content alone will suffice to attract interest. You’ll also need to modify your template to ensure it is distinct from the templates of all others. A blog needs to be visually appealing as it is instructive.

Blog Term #6: Blog host

To get an account for your blog, you must join an online blog hosting service. This includes Blogger, or if you already have an account with a My Space account, you may have discovered that there is a blog space there. In any case, keep in mind that there are a lot of blog hosts that provide the service for free thus don’t waste your money on a service that charges a fee.

Blog Term #7: Blog directories

These are massive databases on the internet that catalog the thousands of blogs on the internet. If you create your own blog, you will also be added to the database.

Blog Term #8: Niche

There are many who have mentioned the importance of your blog to be in an audience. A niche is the goal of your blog. Does your blog discuss politics, pop culture, or music? Each of them is specific to your niche.

Blog Term #9: RSS feed

This is a small piece of code that you can add on your blog that lets users sign up to it. This eliminates the stress of your readers having to check your blog regularly to see whether it has been updated, by automatically informing them each time it’s.

Blog Term #10: Trackback links

This tool alerts other bloggers when you refer to their blog. It also gives the link directly to the blog of their blog. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost your visibility and also to make relationships among other blogger.

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