How to Get 1 Million Hits on Your Blog

Achieving hits for your blog isn’t an easy task, but when you are successful, it’s extremely satisfying and satisfying to see visitors regularly come by and visit your own blog. Here are some suggestions to boost your blog’s traffic. as I understand it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t become one of the best bloggers in the world.

1. Blog Topic

The topic of your blog is really crucial. If you’re hoping to attract lots of hits you need to consider where you are going to find the people who will read your blog. If you’re writing about the cracks in your walls, it is important to be aware of where you can meet the people who like to read about it! Otherwise , you’re doomed.

2. Search Engine Friendliness

You have to flirt with Google like a gorgeous female at the dance.

We hope to have a steady readership, finding your blog on authority sites is where a lot people who read your blog will be coming from. Google is the Internet You just have to acknowledge it. It is everyone’s Political blogger’s wish to be on top whenever someone types into “Politics Blog” into Google.

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If someone searches for “Random political blog from some unknown wannabe in the North East of England” I hope my blog will come up. If someone is interested in your blog’s content, it is an excellent idea to invite them to your blog. Use clever techniques to boost your rankings on search engines is essential however you must be able to be on the ball otherwise your blog’s popularity are likely to be affected. In the right or wrong way, Google has that degree of influence, and websites must cater to their needs.

To do this you write your keywords in the article and not more than 2percent of the words. The keywords for my blog are like “Labour, Politics, Political blog” and others. The following example is an example. “This article is intended to aid bloggers to get more hits’. It is recommended to alter the wording slightly and be more specific. Thus… “This blog post is designed to answer”How to get hits to your blog? “How do I get hits to my blog?” ‘ The search engines will match exactly the phrase with the search query and that helps you rise in search results. When people see that the article matches what they’re looking for, they click on your blog and see the magic!

Be aware that Google continually alters their algorithm to determine the factors that affect their index of search engine positioning. In all the accounts and in their own words they employ extremely complex mixture of factors to determine the relevance of pages.

My probably flawed effort in simplifying the Google algorithm would be that basically the more hits you have, the more relevant your pages are. The greater number of backlinks you have, makes Google believe that your website is an authority on the keywords you’re using. Google is then able to use the webpage as an answer for the query you are able to match. It believes your page is better to solve the problem of the user. The result is that you get more hits.

When you don’t do anything else but drop in the main keywords into the title of your articles that are crucial and then in the main body of your text and you’re on your way to achieving this, then you’re half way there. Bare in mind major companies use search engine experts to maximise this sort of thing. So, just try the best you can here.

3. Contact other bloggers

This is my very first rant. I’ve found that the majority of political bloggers don’t connect to me easily. I selected a set of links that you can find on the right side that I actually read rather than throwing random hyperlinks all over the internet. Many of the blogs I’ve been reading, especially in the Political sector have lots of hyperlinks. A link in there to your blog is good but typically, it’s lost in the crowd. However, it’s still an excellent idea to reach out to all of the blogs and ask for an article. It is important to note that some of the blogs I reached out to were great and connected directly to me. Around 20%. So, like sales, this is a numbers game.

You must solicit links probably once your site has been kept up to date for about 10 weeks. I hope that the new blogger, likely to have an exaggerated sense of self because they’re “established”, will want to ensure that your blog is an appropriate blog before deciding to link. For fairness, to the established blogs a lot of blogs go away. It is important to prove that you are sticking around for the long haul. Should they decide they will visit your blog again you will likely add a link on their website. Some bloggers will even make the slight announcement about your blog in their articles that encourage readers to click through. You can write a brief post on your blog thanking them when this happens it can strengthen the relationship in abstract terms and help make the link-friend more positive toward you.

I have found an overall lack of humour among bloggers when it comes to discussing links. Certain people are very protective of their position when they link to another person, even though it really makes no difference on their blogs. I initially link to all of my friends, but gradually I delete links that ignore my email, or have only the Industry set of links on their site. The new bloggers are encouraged to join and linking is free. Remember, you should never pay for a link except if you have a commercial reason to do so.

An email asking for a link with your display name and url is enough. Offering reciprocal links will not aid you in the beginning. The majority of blogs you wish to share links with are more established and they will be aware that their link is much more valuable to you and you are. Better to state “I have already linked to you and would like you to consider linking to me if my blog fits your criteria”.

It is possible to delete the link in the future if you do not get an acceptable response. If your blog goes viral and is one of “the” blogs to read within your field, then hyperlinks will be everywhere and you shouldn’t worry if bloggers are cool with you to start with. You may also be uneasy when you are approached often by bloggers looking to get established.

4. Blog Directories

There are numerous directories for blogs that you could join and doing so is a good idea. I’m not certain the effectiveness of these directories, but it is certainly better than have your link in there as the search engines take note of the link. I am always concerned that everyone adds their link assuming people will visit the directory site and many people will just add their link and move on with other things. If you decide to post your link, taking the brute force method can help. Add your site to Technorati, Bloggerama, and especially any niche-specific directories that your blog could receive a lot of attention.

There is a chance to gain a lot of new readers from such a thing and usually the factor that gets your blog to the 100- 500 page views per day is a glowing endorsement by an award-winning website or major blog of authority. If it was that easy, all blogs would receive many visitors, and they aren’t but as I have said many times, with time, you’ll be noticed.

5. Write Interesting Posts

Sorry, but you must take care to construct good and interesting articles that are engaging for the reader. I like a mix of short , quick posts and longer posts that are more thoughtful. When it comes to frequency I think that one blog post everyday should be enough to be able to post once daily for three consecutive days. The readership will not care posting more than once a week if the quality is acceptable, however having a daily audience that expects daily updates and then posting once a week is a huge drop in the quality of your blog.

Determine a posting frequency from day one based on what you’re able to (be realistic) create and then keep it up. Readers visit your blog because they are curious about the content you write about, do not give them a reason to not return. Many blogs start with a bang, but then go into obscurity, and this frustrates readers. If you want their regular popularity, you should take action.

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