How to Sell Books on Amazon

Authors are aware that having their books listed on Amazon is essential for sales of their books. A growing number of readers are choosing to make Amazon their primary place to buy books. With Amazon’s free shipping and the ease of shopping at home, this trend will not change. However, Amazon provides a variety of options for authors who want to sell their books that can be difficult and lengthy to understand. Here are some easy ways to navigate through the process.

Amazon provides three options to market your book on its store on the internet: 1.) placing your book on Amazon and sending copies to Amazon

2.) using a seller’s account and 3) the option of selling your work on Kindle. I’ll focus on the two first options, that are geared towards printed books instead of digital books.What are the main differences between the option of having Amazon offer your work, and the creation of a seller’s account to sell your book on Amazon?

Money and time. For an author you’ll need to decide if the time factor or cash flow is more important to you when working with Amazon or mix both at the very least until you determine what is the best option for you. Visit:-

Here are some explanations on how to balance both, and the benefits and drawbacks of both.

List Your Book for Amazon to Sell

Howto: It is necessary to create the “Amazon Advantage” account, possibly aptly named since Amazon instead of the author gets the bulk of the benefits. To sign up, you’ll need the book’s original copies, an ISBN as well as a bar code. Visit Amazon Advantage. Follow the steps , but be sure to be sure to read the small print. Amazon has an annual cost ($29.95 at present and is non-refundable regardless of regardless of whether any of your books are sold) and the fee is 55% of the retail cost. Amazon will inform you when to deliver books and the number. You are responsible for shipping, and are not in control of the amount you pay. If Amazon is looking for fifty books and you are able to pay for the shipping for fifty, regardless of whether the books aren’t selling. If Amazon only needs two books at one time, you could be able to make frequent small-sized shipments that can take a lot of time and be more expensive than one big shipping if the book is being sold consistently.

Benefit: Once Amazon receives your book and begins selling the books, you no longer have to worry about mailing each order.

Advantages: Not only do you need to pay an annual fee in order to be included, but Amazon’s 55% commission is extremely expensive. For instance, a book that is priced at $25.95 will yield an income of $11.68 to the writer. Be sure to include costs for shipping the books to Amazon which means your profit could be lower.

Be an Independent Seller Through Amazon

What is it:You cannot sell your book independently through Amazon until it’s included there, therefore regardless the title, you’ll need to be registered with an Amazon Advantage account. Follow the steps above, sign up as an Amazon Advantage client and later inform Amazon that your book is no anymore available. If you’re traditionally published, with a subsidy press or join an agent such as Ingram Your publisher or distributor will set up the Amazon Advantage account on your behalf and will pay for the fees and give you the royalties that you have agreed to with the distributor or publisher. Nowadays there are many independent printers and book design companies will offer books on Amazon for authors who self-publish and just charge a modest, flat one-time cost (usually about $50) to promote your book on behalf of you. The book may be listed as being out of stock which means Amazon does not have copies of the book, and you do not have to provide them with any.

If your book is already on a book listing on Amazon and you have it listed, you can create an account as a seller with Amazon to market your book on its own. The first step is to search for the title of your book on Amazon. On the right-hand edge of your screen, for your Amazon listing , you will see a small boxed area that asks, “Have one to sell?” Then there is a button to click that reads “Sell Yours Here.” Follow the steps to post your book along with your contact information. You are able to list the number of copies you have available as you want, as long as you have enough copies available. Customers can purchase your book from you directly instead of Amazon. There is no cost to Amazon till the time that your book is sold.

Benefits There are advantages to HTML0 that are numerous, particularly in terms of profit. Instead of taking 55% commission as the Amazon Advantage Account, Amazon takes something close to 25 percent. Amazon provides you with an $3.99 credit to send your book. This credit will cover the shipping costs when you send it via media mail. For instance, the $25.95 book we mentioned as an example earlier, and that weighs around 1 pound, will take $2.77 to ship. Amazon will pay the seller $23.71 to sell the book (not which includes the $3.99 cost for shipping) so your profit is $20.94 (about twice the $11.68 without shipping if you sold it via Amazon Advantage).

Another benefit of having selling through an private seller’s account is although Amazon might advertise your book as having a retail price of $25.95 In your seller account, you can price the book at a lower price to make it appear less expensive to potential buyers. It is also possible to list the book in the form of “New” but include that it was signed by the author personally delivered by the author. Even if you do sign the books that you send direct to Amazon, Amazon won’t advertise to you that they’re signed by the author, so adding your books to your seller account with the words “signed by the author” could be advantageous for you. A lot of readers believe that an autographed book has greater worth than one that’s not.


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