Vital Marketing Concepts

Marketing is now an important aspect of every business. The price of an article increases as a result of marketing, but confidence in it an inevitable aspect of purchasing / competence of consumers / producers due to various reasons, such as competitive market structures (for example, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and niche markets) reach, Economic Communication Technology, Information Revolution, MNC, Globalization, struggle for the competitive advantage and brand identity phenomenon.

Marketing is the management effort that moves the goods / services from the producer to the consumer. Effective marketing is “the correct product / service with the right way, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price and the acquisition of an advantage in the process.

” The American Marketing Association offers the following formal definition: “Marketing is to create, communicate, deliver and exchange the activity, the set of institutions and processes that value customers, clients, partners and society in general.” British Encyclopedia defines: “Marketing is the sum of activities involved in the flow of goods and services of producers to consumers”. According to Kotler, the shortest definition of marketing is “meeting recently”. Marketing is needed to increase sales and achieve a sustainable market segment for product or service. The client gets the satisfaction of the product or service, the entrepreneur achieves profits, and businesses reach reputation or goodwill.

Cash marketing materializes the alleged business, profitable sale and satisfied customer. Research on the behavior of demand is the focus area of marketing. Consequently, Marketing has two parents, economics and psychology.

The economic considerations of demand behavior are traction or visible factors, while psychological tendencies are impulse / invisible factors behind any demand behavior. A Marketing effort focuses on trends client for psychological satisfaction and designs various economic benefit incentives for clients. An effective marketing approach accommodates the economic standards of buying / purchasing and psychological trends of sellers / buyers. There are seven most important marketing reasons: Visit:-

Inform about the new product / service or an awareness of the product.
To make a new business or business awareness.
Motivate / persuade someone by buying or claim creation.
To create or achieve a stable client’s account customer loyalty
To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
To achieve reputation or goodwill,
To carry out the heritage of the brand
Marketing vs. For sale: – The above concept of effective marketing covers the full experience of a commercial agreement between the seller and the buyer; However, there are two different aspects of effective marketing, that is, selling and marketing. Perceptual, sellers and marketers are two different groups in a marketing activity.

They have different views towards clients. Harvards Theodore Levitt drew an acting contrast between the concepts of sales and marketing: “Sale of focus on the needs of the seller, marketing the needs of the buyer. The sale is concerned about sellers. Should your product convert in cash; Marketing with the idea of satisfying the needs of the client through the product and the whole group of things related to creation, delivery, and eventually consumes. “The strategic alignment between marketing and sales is essential for better results.

“A study of the application data room and the marquie has discovered that sales and marketing alignment can make an organization better 67% in closing agreements, reducing friction by 108% and generates 209% more value of marketing”. Marketing vs. Branding: -branding is the marketing process by which a marketing or brand manager reduces a reputation from the company to a single word or phrase or design. The American Marketing Association defines a point as “a name, term, drawing, symbol or design, or a combination of them, aimed at identifying the goods or services of a seller or a group of sellers and to distinguish them from those of competitors. ” There is a familiar rule in marketing: “Sell wanting to buy people” Similarly, the good rule in the brand: “Marry the qualities that people love”. An established brand creates consumers trust and emotional attachments; As a result, brands encourage relationships between consumers, products and companies that lead to the valuable benefits for a producer, such as premium prices, low cost of promotion, loyal customer and market share continuously in constant growth. In short, a brand effort improves the shares of the brand brand brand. The brands of the brand are the power of the brands from the goodwill and recognition of names that have earned over time, which is reflected in a greater volume of sales and better profit margins against the trademarks of the market in the market .

The important strategic aspect of the capital creation of the brand is the internal brand. “The internal brand consists of the management activities and processes that help, report and inspire brand employees.” In a brand effort, a marketer or an entrepreneur takes four prospects for an effective brand perspective for the consumer (the convenience of product / service by determining various consumers), the perspective of the company (to improve, Technical and aesthetically, the presentation and process of delivering product / service), competitive perspective (to exploit and exploit the content of differentiability / equality of products / services related to competitors), and the perspective of the mark ( Work on creating possible brand capital).

It will be noted that, in the brand, you create a perception of products / business, while, during marketing, motivate or persuade someone by actual purchase. Branding is who you are, while marketing is how the consumer decides to influence process. More specifically, “brand or management of the brand’s is a communication feature in marketing that the analysis and planning of how that brand is positioned in the market, targeted to the target marking and maintaining the mark A desired reputation of the brand closes “.

Marketing vs. Advertising: – Marketing offers with various business efforts to buy profitable, such as market research, pricing and product / service distribution, brand, sale and public relations. Advertising is just a marketing component. In advertising, an entrepreneur or company communicates potential buyers over their products or services. Advertising is defined as: “Any form of communication in the middle of payment”. Prominent way of advertising, print media, electronic means and social networks.

Conceptual marketing is the form or strategy to convince potential buyers who have the appropriate product / service for them, while advertising is the conversion of the marketing strategy in specific media. In advertising you tell potential customers about the existence and availability of the proper product / service for them. The highest number of current ads are disorder. “An advertising disorder refers to the excessive number of announcement messages, consumers are exposed daily.” It is an important responsibility of a marketing that manages the disorder. Disordeed management means finding the right time and place to connect with target customers and send impeccable messages about your business or presentations. Marketing vs. Networks: – The creation of networks is a systematic human interaction with people themselves to exchange information and opportunities. Business networks are dynamically linked to effective marketing. Business networks are a result of the socio-economic interactions of an entrepreneur. Network attempts form a business circle. It is to stand out; A business circle is a sub-hereto a large socio-economic circle of an entrepreneur. A business cannot survive or thrive, at least with full potential, without adequate interaction between all economic agents / stakeholders. The presence of managers in a large socio-economic circle and related associations is essential to develop an effective business network. The Business Network, BTOB and BTOC, is the most important aspect of effective marketing.

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