Same Time, Same Place, Same Level

Have you ever wondered what the red luggage label with the prominently printed word “VIP” means? Very stupid, sorry, but important passengers. There are various ways to make such a distinction, including very often flying the same line or becoming head of state. The former can expect the cargo to be treated with special care or more negligently, depending on the attitude and political beliefs of the cargo handler. It definitely attracts more smiles and alcoholic beverages to airline staff. It is related to the operation of air traffic control. These are small VIPs. Now a big VIP, this is a completely different fish pot. Air Force One (US Presidential Flight) or Rainbow (British Royal Family Flight) is certainly not overlooked at ATC. However, the number of notifications you receive from one location to another can vary. It seems especially here that you cannot be a prophet in your backyard. For example, Air Force One flying over the Americas is very different from Air Force One heading to Moscow.
“Big VIP” is considered special in some parts of the world, and Eastern Europe in the distant past is a good example. They closed the entire route and airport, speeding up VIPs along the way and, if few VIPs, provided at least twice the isolation from the rest of the traffic. The leaders of truly democratic nations would probably have been very embarrassed if they knew the annoyances of ordinary travelers in communist nations. But the latter leader doesn’t seem to care … When they flew, everything else had to stop. It is read as evidence that it can lead to a completely unusual situation. Visit:-
Red VIP, blue VIP

Imagine a real situation that happened several times in the past, like when the Hungarian Communist Party General Secretary was heading west (No, don’t stop there, Honey!). He describes the closure of the airport in Budapest and the air route to Vienna. The closure in Hungary means a major detour on some flights and on the Hungarian border on others, as this route seems to be one of the busiest routes in the European network. Means the last guard. As you can imagine, unlike Hungary, Austria did not have the habit of closing air routes for VIP flights and thought that ATC could safely handle hundreds of flights arriving daily. One day another flight is VIP, but it makes no difference. However, they can do very little to the actions of their neighbors, waiting for planes to pile up on a common border and the “big man” to pass. Well, they will leave free flight for this purpose. The Secretary-General’s aircraft then took off from a very quiet airfield and flew in spectacular loneliness during the first 150 kilometers of the journey. The men in charge of the party leader’s security and the inventors of this madness are staring with satisfaction. They did their job well. When the plane ended in Austria, the magic ended naturally. Not only was there a double separation, but the flight had to go through traffic in the first place. It’s a shame that these “safety experts” had never seen ATC fight the number of planes coming from all directions after the closed route was reopened …
The opposite of this configuration once caused completely unexpected complications. Western heads of state have the confusing habit of traveling on state and commercial flights. At the same time, commercial aviation pilots are not exactly accustomed to closing airports and air routes themselves. A few days before the field closure was announced, the reception committee was already heading to the airport in Budapest. The government’s protocol chief, whose job was to know everything, was certainly worried when his repeated calls to the ATC did not result in an ETA (estimated time of arrival) from the flight to the VIP. As the usual estimated time of arrival was approaching and there were no signs of an airplane yet (by the way, operated by an airline known for its punctuality), ATC began to think that something was wrong. The mystery was resolved minutes later when the telex plane began to ring, spewing an urgent message from the airline office in question and happily announcing the estimated time of arrival just minutes after the airport was closed. .. Orde. A call to a local airline representative eventually resolved the misunderstanding and informed the pilot that the airport was closed on all flights except him …
VIP in Denmark

History tends to repeat, which is exactly

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