Scriptures on Developing Invincible Immunity and Optimum Mental Health

“It is the inheritance of each individual to be sound, glad and sacred”.- – Yogi Bhajan 1969.

This assessment is repeated by numerous individuals of the extraordinary sages of all ages including the illuminant sacred text scholars.

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In view of this – utilizing some astounding sacred texts – let us shed truly necessary profound light onto the wellspring of all wellbeing, bliss and sacredness.

Allow us first to take a gander at how the psyche, body-physiology is made, and notice their jobs in the creation and support of ideal wellbeing, harmony and satisfaction, especially insusceptibility during this Covid time.

“At the outset God made the sky and the earth” Genesis 1- – 1

All things considered, obscurely, how might this sacred writing affect every one of us today.

Beginning 1-1 isn’t alluding to formation of the external actual universe, rather making of an inward universe.

‘Sky’ here is imagery for the psyche and its inactive imaginative perspectives, with ‘earth’ as imagery for the body-physiology.

“before all else” signifies creation through the Primordial energy.


In the making of the actual body what explicit dynamic is impacting everything?

Along these lines, when we say “God made”, this is alluding to ‘God the Holy Spirit’ made – which means the Kundalini life energy made.

All in all, Kundalini being the early stage unceasing energy, is the widespread life power which alone makes.

Hence, from the egg-sperm seed-incipient organism viewpoint, Kundalini life power sets about production of the whole brain body structure.

Beginning is saying, God the Holy Spirit – Kundalini – the heavenly ladylike energy known as Shakti – makes the psyche and body from her heavenly components which at this point exist inside this euphoric undeveloped organism.

Beginning is laying accentuation on the making of the human spirit – and its potential for imaginative propagation to incorporate physical and emotional wellness – and isn’t alluding to making of the external actual universe in this example.

On finish – when the indispensable organs have all been made – Kundalini goes snoozing at the foundation of the spine for later stiring through vibrational brief. At the point when this equivalent kundalini energy reappears, gets back to frame one more body – the ethereal body – to shape and building up interminable astronomical awareness and cognizant association with the Divine Eternal.

This ‘new’ profound body is shaped when Kundalini ascends to the mind, where it gets One with the LORD – alluded to by numerous individuals as Shiva, or various titles – consequently the supernatural scriptural marriage.

Sacred text alludes to this mind area:

“What’s more, on the seventh day God rested” Genesis: 2- – 2

Which means, God the Father cognizance is acknowledged by arousing the seventh chakra in the mind.

Favored Trinity

The Blessed Trinity is:’God the Father’ – resting at the seventh chakra in the mind sanctuary, with Kundalini as ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – living at first at the foundation of the spine – and the human spirit when Self-acknowledged is ‘God the Son’, on revival of awareness through Kundalini arousing in the head.

Jesus alludes to this restoration cycle:

‘Nobody goes to the Father besides through Me’ John: 14- – 6

Which means, that, to get to ‘God the Father’ – consequently turning out to be God the Son – we should each go through ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – Kundalini and otherworldly arousing – there being no extravagant alternate routes or bias.

Killing Previous Conditioning

Because of non-incorporated molding – karmic designs from previous lives – full Kundalini sway in our current life stays torpid until cognizant mix of this lower nature molding is in progress by implies which will be laid out here later.

To assist manage this karmic vestige – of profound obliviousness – sacred writing helps us to remember going through 40 years in the wild or desert.

Here 40 years isn’t alluding to 40 schedule years – 40 is imagery for Unity {of mind, body spirit]. As such, we each result in these present circumstances earth plane to live deliberately through this recently brought about obliviousness molding and focus on its combination.

We live ‘languishing’ until we’re prepared over internal arousing, prepared for living through the otherworldly heart chakra – the New Jerusalem.

In this manner it’s the Kundalini joy – scriptural Rapture – which kills subliminal idea designs, the negative attitudes forestalling direct consciousness of our actual heavenly nature – to incorporate insusceptible framework invulnerability.

Creation’s Protocols

As we stir, further otherworldly mindfulness starts to arise. For example, – the actual body is really the final result of the human sensory system, and the sensory system the finished result of the brain, which psyche is the final result of the first Creator, as in Genesis 1-1: “at the outset God made the sky and the earth” – mind, body, soul.

Consequently, to kill and sanitize the negative karmic designs, its important that we bring the sensory system and five faculties back to the One which made THE MIND, which is God the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Kundalini energy.

To this end, eventually on our otherworldly wild stay, occasions lead to significant bits of knowledge, prompts on the need of settling on essential groundbreaking choice, for example, attracted to perusing profound writing, exclusive sacred texts, or hearing soul persuasive substance, or trying to become familiar with a psychological control practice like yoga or contemplation. Such is the way we get back to Source for profound adjusting, and karmic incorporation.

Normal reflection prompts stiring our lethargic Kundalini, which, on arriving at the crown chakra in the cerebrum, changes the obliviousness based wild psyche into turning into our Garden of Paradise.

Sacred texts Relating to Kundalini Re-Awakening

“Where I go you can’t go however I go to set up a spot for you” – John: 13-33, 14- – 3

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